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Areas I am really keen to collaborate with teams to improve positive outcomes


Management consultancy for businesses looking to develop a clear strategic approach, operational plans, manage finances, maintain sound corporate governance and achieve key strategic goals for sport sector development, charitable, and commercial projects.  


Collaborating with sport charities, sports rights holders, sponsors and sports companies to build strategic plans and evaluation frameworks to set realistic goals, measure success and identify learning outcomes for management teams.

Leading project management through board advisory and directing workflows to meet complex business aims and objectives in line with financial resources and risk management

Supporting teams through the development of a central strategic plan and a fit for purpose evaluation framework, identification of skills gap analysis and improvements for management progression.


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Project Leadership

Developing a strategic plan for your sports business / project / initiative 

I help your team to create a strategic plan and objectives to meet what "success looks like for you" through sport project management and mentoring support for your team.

Brief development


Strategic planning


Risk management


Suits: Charities, SMEs, Brands, Sponsors, Start ups

Big Idea Management

Setting and achieving objectives that are relevant to your sports business or project

Maybe you have just decided to up your game? Improve your performance or tackle a new challenge through a new sport project?

I can help project teams, agencies or complex stakeholder groups to set objectives and manage performance through people and process.

Suits: Corporate Teams, Senior Leadership Teams, Event Organisers, Funding Partners

Board Advisory

Measuring Success

I help sports initiatives and leadership teams to understand how to set the framework that will lead to accountability and responsibility of tasks, actions, roles and contracts leading to a cohesive approach to business improvement, operational delivery, financial and risk management. 

Sales, Marketing & Financial Reviews

Report & Data analysis

Governance reviews

Evaluation framework setting

Suits: Boards, Executive Teams, Investors, Regulated Companies

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