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Why should we consider using a strategy consultant for our sports business or project?

My company is an experienced sports business, can you explain what strategy consulting can improve?

I like to help boards, leadership and management teams to create a strategic plan that allows them to manage their project effectively. Setting a clear workflow and identifying specialist support to achieve ever more complex strategic objectives in sport is a complex task for the most experienced team. Consumer trends, business needs, speed of interaction and the digital landscape need constant review and tactical plans to maximise impact, results and outcomes.

We have never worked in sport how can you help us?

I I offer support to develop strategy and set your evaluation methods. I do not manage operational plans or delivery, internal teams and agencies are better placed to own these areas. I have worked across major and minor events, large and small scale projects, turnarounds, events, world championships, product launches, athlete endorsements, elite sport teams business development and commercialisation, sport product innovation, and commerce. 

How would you like to work?

We should have a short (FREE) initial consultation to discuss your objectives, resources, budget and short and long term aims and business objectives.

During our initial conversation we can discuss budgets and fees before proceeding with any support.

I will then consider your thoughts, analysis and data, plans, targeting, content, channels and actions to date and then look to work with you to create new strategic plans most relevant to help your business improve its results.

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