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Delivering Positive Change

Board Advisory. Big Idea Management. Project Management. Consultancy.


Strategy consulting skills described as “authentic, challenging and inspirational”.  

 How I work and what you can expect

"I collaborate with clients with whom I can share a vision"

I have worked in global commercial settings for a number of years, with household name brands, platforms, events and competitions. I have consistently pioneered new ideas and driven return on investment to influence global customers and communities. Now, my focus has changed. Over the past 5 years I have collaborated with government agencies, fundraising partners, national governing bodies of sport, international sport federations and sport charities in non executive and advisory positions. I use my skills and experience supporting companies who are invested in trying to drive positive change through sport based initiatives and investments.

I enjoy collaborating with charities, further education, social impact, youth, not for profit organisations, and funding agencies, where I can share my insight, skills and experience.

I am more likely to create you a strategic overview report that is 20 pages when you are anticipating 200. I like to listen before talking, be honest, direct, adaptable and tactful. I will communicate clearly and keep everyone moving towards the agreed goals.

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Sport for good, wellness and social impact

Working with funding agencies, charities, brands, investors, tech, sponsors, sports businesses.


Providing support for boards in not for profit, charity and commercial.


I have vast experience creating innovative game changing strategies to build audiences, increase inclusivity, engage and inspire communities. I can help lead improvement across;




Risk Management



Global Sport Events


Working with Sport Event Organisers, International Sport Federations, Sponsors and Funding Partners.


I provide support and expertise for businesses undertaking global sport events sectors covering commercial, broadcast and not for profit sectors.


I bring experience of leading large scale commercial sports events to help your team increase reach and impact, through "Big Idea Management" or simply"Micro Project Management".


Operations strategy

Ticketing and sales

Event planning


Data capture

Digital integration

Social Impact and Sustainability in Sport

Working with clients who are committed to improving sustainability and social impact via sport based interventions. 


In the initial development of your project strategy and objectives I support teams managing complex projects. Balancing the achievement of goals and improving leadership output through guidance and mentoring boards, project teams, event teams and agencies. I help to build strategic plans linked to business objectives, people and purpose.


Strategic Planning

Financial Management

Risk management


Board Advisory

Operational support


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